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Steve Goto is an expert nurseryman and lecturer based in southern California. He uses organic gardening practices to grow over 900 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables. He hosts seminars and tomato tastings all over the West Coast. Steve is a dynamic speaker, who loves to give advice to gardeners of every expertise level.

Steve has been highly influential in introducing heirloom tomatoes to the mainstream market. In the 1980s, he single-handedly brought heirlooms to the forefront in southern California by growing and selling hundreds of varieties. Now, the market for heirlooms has grown tremendously.

Steve sadly closed his family’s Goto Nursery in 2005 after 45 years of business and three generations of Goto nurserymen. In response to a continued demand for his heirloom tomatoes and expertise, Gotomato was born.

Steve hosts lectures and seminars every spring on organic growing techniques, insect and disease control, soil care and much more. His specialty is not only tomatoes but eggplants, peppers and other heirloom and unusual vegetables.

In the summer, he and his wife April host regular tomato tastings at various nurseries to familiarize gardeners with unusual varieties and their uses. These tastings foster community relationships as growing tips and recipes are exchanged, including April’s highly-coveted delicious salsa recipes.

Currently, Steve’s seedlings and tomatoes can be found in many locations throughout California. They can also be purchased at any of the lectures he conducts. Find out where Steve and his tomatoes will be visiting soon using the event calendar on this site. You can also keep up with Steve on Instagram, his blog, Facebook and Twitter.